501 Amazing Facts




title: 501 Amazing Facts

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Let’s explore amazing facts around us:

1. The average lead pencil can draw a line nearly 50 kilometres long.

2. Money is not made out of paper. It is made from a special blend of linen and cotton.

3. The heart is the hardest working organ in the body. In one day, it beats around 100,000 times and in one year, more than 36 million times.

4. The lungs are the lightest organs in the body. They can float in water.

5. The kidneys filter 150-200 litres of blood each day.

6. A tree grows in height by adding growth to the tips of its branches. If you make a mark on a tree, it will always remain at the same level.

7. Computer engineer, Ray Tomlinson sent the first email over internet in 1971.

8. 111,111,111 is a palindromic number. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111=12,345,678,987,654,321.

9. Tahiland is the only South East Asian country that has never been colonized by any European power.

10. The world’s greatest martial arts expert, Bruce Lee was so fast that he was asked to slow down while filming so that the camera could capture his moves.

11. 120 drops make a teaspoon. 3 teaspoons make 1 tablespoon.

12. Yellow is used in highlighters because it is the most visible colour to the human eye.

13. Paper can be recycled only 5 to 7 times.

14. When the first mechanical clocks appeared around 600 years ago, the had only one hand – the hour hand.

15. Rolls Royce engines are completely built by hand.

16. The Taj Mahal is completely made of white marble.It is perfectly symmetrical,except for the tomb of the emperor.

17. If you shahe a bottle of mixed nuts, the largest nuts will move to the top.

18. The hottest time of the day is at around 3pm not at 12 noon.

19. A full moon is 9 times brighter than a first quarter moon.

20. Oranges will ripen only when left on the tree.

21. Bananas are one of the few fruits that ripen best off the plant.

22. Blueberries have the highest antioxidants than any fruit or vegetables.

23. The bamboo is the fastest growing plantand can grow 3 to 4 feet in one day.

24. Broccoli and cauliflowers are flowers.

25. Honey is the only food that does not get spoilt.

…and many more…




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