Mental Fitness to Happiness


You’ll notice something about most happy people…

they have overcome serious set-backs.

Happy people sometimes go broke, get sick, get sacked or get dumped!

Like everyone, happy people have their problems.

But they have the mental strength to focus on solutions.

They have developed ‘mental fitness’.

Mental fitness is like physical fitness.

You strengthen your muscles with exercise.

You run uphill.

Gradually you get stronger.

It is the same with your thinking.

You strengthen your mind by facing problems.

Struggle build strength.

You don’t get strong by hiding under the bed.

You meet life head on.

You take some risks.

You fail and bounce back.

Day by day you gain confidence.

Gradually you build a positive attitude.

When life gets rough, remind yourself:

“This is making me mentally fit. I must be getting happier!”


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